Using your Student Leap Card on the Luas


Do you use your Student Leap Card on Luas? If so, make sure you Touch On before boarding a tram and Touch Off when leaving a tram.

There are validators at every Luas stop and you can use the validator on either platform. Hold your Student Leap Card to the validator and wait for the beep before removing it.

There are many benefits to Touching On and Off with your Student Leap Card with Luas;

1.    Avoid Fare Evasion

If you don’t Touch On before boarding a Luas you may receive a Standard Fare Notice of €45 or you may be prosecuted for Fare Evasion. Make sure you Touch On and your card will be valid for travel.

2.    Save Money

Touch Off at your end destination so you don’t overpay. By Touching Off you are letting  Leap know you’ve completed your journey and you’ll be charged the correct fare

3.    Avail of Discounts

If you take two or more journeys within 90 minutes of each other on Luas an automatic discount will apply to the second and subsequent fares. For more details see Leap 90 [].

4.    Avail of Capping

If you make lots of trips with your Student Leap Card in 1 day or 1 week (Mon-Sun) on Luas, Leap Card will automatically cap the price so you don’t spend any more than you need to. Once you hit the cap you can continue to travel on Luas and you won’t be charged for additional journeys. You can find more details on Capping on the Leap Card website [].


Touch On your Leap Card to go on your way,

Touch Off when you’re done so you don’t over pay!

To find out how you could win a Leap Card with €10 credit check out the Luas Facebook page!